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ActiveMQ is part of our fundraising architecture. It stands between civicrm and our operational cluster running the Donation Gateway extension providing a new payment gateway.

It's currently living on silicon, a member of frack.eqiad.wmnet.


Currently we're running ActiveMQ 5.9.0 for our installation. The software needs to be puppetized but in the interim is located in /usr/local/apache-activemq, symlinked to the current version. The configuration is located in /etc/activemq.conf.


Config files

There are two important config files for ActiveMQ:

  • /usr/local/apache-activemq/conf/actibemq.xml - This contains the specific conncetion information for activemq (eg defining transportConncetors). This gets loaded by activemq by default when activemq is invoked.
  • /etc/activemq.conf - This contains some environment variables for activemq


<transportConnector name="stomp" uri="stomp://"/>


/etc/init.d/activemq {start|stop}

note: if stop doesn't work then just killall java




Check /var/log/activemq.log for what's going on.

or to view in a web browser:

Log in to tellurium. ex

ssh -L 4000:silicon.frack.eqiad.wmnet:8161

Login with your default terminal username

ssh -L 4000:silicon.frack.eqiad.wmnet:8161

Connect to ActiveMQ


Testing donation consumption

  1. Follow the steps above to pull up the web interface.
  2. Under the "Operations" column click "Send to" for the "test_donations" queue.
  3. Insert a test message and click send. (The message body will consist of a JSON string. You can check the logs to see examples.)
  4. ssh to aluminium (or wherever civicrm-dev is running from).
  5. cd to the /srv/org.wikimedia.civicrm-dev directory
  6. run "drush qc" to consume the queue
  7. If there are no errors, log into and look for the donation.