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morebots is a Python server admin log updatin' bot.

morebots listens in these channels on

We also have qa-morebots to log to Release_Engineering/SAL:

  • #wikimedia-qa


It runs from Wikimedia Tool Labs under the "morebots" account. Bots are started and stopped using normal tool labs conventions.

Source code is here: <;a=tree>.


Several irc logbots live here.  Each is started like this:

$ sudo -iu local-morebots
$ jstart -N <botname> /usr/lib/adminbot/ --config ./confs/<config-for-this-bot>

To get a list of running bots:

$ become morebots
$ qstat

To stop a running bot:

$ become morebots
$ qdel <job#>

The bots are:

analytics-logbot:  Lives in #wikimedia-analytics and logs to

labs-logbot:  Lives in #wikimedia-labs and logs to

morebots:  Lives in #wikimedia-operations and logs to

qa-morebots: Lives in #wikimedia-releng and logs to

test-logbot:  Lives in #morebots-test and logs to
(This one is generally not running, just here as a dev tool.)

Example: restart the ops channel morebot

Ssh to

become morebots
# now find the instance running on labs
qdel <id>
jstart -N production-logbot /usr/lib/adminbot/ --config ./confs/

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