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Wikimedia Labs currently uses the IRC network to conduct discussions and is the main platform for help/requests. The channel is located on the Freenode network and the channel is called #wikimedia-labs.

Things you can do there

It is a help channel, so you can just ask anything related to the Wikimedia Labs. The occasional off-topic about real life/events at Wikimedia is okay.

Example of what you can do in there:

  1. Ask for help about Wikimedia Labs.
  2. Request for a public IP for your project.
  3. Asking for access a specific project.

Things you cannot do there

Like all other IRC channels, you can talk in real time with others in the channel. Some basic rules that people should follow and adhere to:

  1. No spamming/advertising
  2. No shouting (i.e. Using all capital letters for every word).

People who keep causing troubles in a channel, may be temporarily removed from a channel. Kindly use a pastebin for texts longer than 3 lines.

Also, you should avoid publishing any kind of potentially personal information on the channel, as it is publicly logged and viewable by all. If absolutely needed, feel free to send a private message to your recipient.

In case you need to suppress any information from channel log, please contact logs maintainers listed here: maintainers

Getting into the channel

Anyone can just enter the channel, usually through any IRC client or via Freenode's webchat. Simply just /join #wikimedia-labs when you are connected to Freenode.

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