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Resource Type Resource Type::project
Project Name [[Project::toolsbeta]]
Monitoring nagf
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Description::Testing ground for changes to instance setup in the Tools project.

Server admin log


  • 19:21 valhallasw`cloud: started building toolsbeta-bastion.


  • 18:50 valhallasw`cloud: role::bastion is now applied on -exec-101. Now for the package_builder manifest...
  • 18:30 valhallasw`cloud: applied role::toollabs::bastion on toolsbeta-exec-101 (spinning up a whole new instance will take ages)

July 4

  • 12:57 valhallasw`cloud: restarting toolsbeta-webproxy, no response on port 22

July 2

  • 14:55 valhallasw`cloud: toolsbeta-webproxy does not re... (more)

Instances for this project

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