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Resource Type Resource Type::project
Project Name [[Project::bastion]]
Monitoring nagf
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Description::The project to allow Labs users to connect to other instances within Wikimedia Labs via tunneling/proxy.

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In order to connect to other Wikimedia Labs instances, you need to be a member of this project. Then follow the instructions in Help:Access.

The bastion project is a project solely meant to store bastion instances, for security reasons. No other instances should be added to this project. Only Wikimedia Operations team members should be added as sysadmins.

Server admin log

June 16

  • 18:49 YuviPanda: deleted bastion1 and bastion2 instances. RIP

June 11

  • 20:18 Coren: getting rid of old backups-of-backups of ancient filesystems
  • 20:17 YuviPanda: deleted bastion3 after alerting sole user in the last few weeks (Krenair)
  • 14:05 YuviPanda: removed bastion-restricted-pdns, released IP and hostname
  • 14:00 YuviPanda: deleted bastion-restricted1 host, moved to bastion-restricted-01

June 10

  • 18:16 YuviPanda: created bastion-01, -02, -03 as debia... (more)

Instances for this project

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