Nova Resource:Deployment-prep/HetDeploy

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We have heterogeneous deployment set up more or less as it is on the Wikimedia cluster.

All paths are relative to /usr/local/apache/common/.

A few notes:

  • Code is served out of live-het. This directory contains stubs of all of the web based entry points which call through het deploy to select the appropriate version.
  • The het deploy code itself is at mwmultiversion/multiversion
  • To run a maintenance script, use mwmultiversion/scripts/mwscript (TODO: add this to the PATH)
  • MediaWiki is in various directories, starting with php- (php-1.24, php-trunk). You can update it using git in the appropriate directory.
  • To check out a new version, use mwmultiversion/multiversion/checkoutMediaWiki and supply the branch path and version name (see that script's documentation).
  • We have some non-checked-in local modifications to mwmultiversion. Please don't revert them or you'll have to customise the scripts yourself!
  • To change the version of a wiki (or to add a new wiki), you'll need to change the space-separated file wikiversions.dat and regenerate the CDB file using mwmultiversion/multiversion/refreshWikiversionsCDB.
  • FIXME: how to update translation strings after updating a wiki?