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The Beta cluster is still relying on a shared storage for logs, PHP code or files. Production has almost phased out shared storage. This project is about clearing out all dependencies. We can discuss on this page what is left to be done and eventually fill in tickets in bugzilla to track each of the tasks.

To be done

  1. Thumbnails (swift/ceph?)
  2. Files
  3. Apache Configuration
  4. syslog
  5. Mediawiki debug logs (wfDebug() writes to disk)
  6. Easy execution of a command on all box of a groups (salt ?)



  1. Local salt master configured on deployment-salt host
  2. Local puppet master configured on deployment-salt host
  3. deployment-bastion pointed to Salt and Puppet masters on deployment-salt
  4. Setup Logstash on deployment-logstash1 to aggregate logs
  5. Use scap to deploy MediaWiki code/config from deployment-bastion to deployment-* hosts