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Server history

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  • 2001-05-02 Wikipedia moves to a new server
  • 2001-08-25 Wikipedia is on
  • 2001-09-15 ross is, serving wikipedia-l
  • 2001-12-27 major migration from one server facility to another one. Definitely to San Diego, perhaps from Chicago?
  • 2002-01-05 Wikipedia is on
  • 2002-04-02 Wikipedia, Nupedia and the mailing lists are on ross.bomis.com, which is
  • 2002-07-03 Pliny ready for testing on address
  • 2002-07-20 Switchover to pliny

So the most likely story is that ross was serving Wikipedia from 2001-05-02 until 2002-07-20, when pliny took over.

  • 2003-04-29 Larousse ordered
  • 2003-05-14 Larousse switched on
  • 2003-06-20 pliny/larousse is still owned by Bomis after the creation of the Foundation. (Bomis was later taken over by Tim Shell.)
  • 2004-01-13 Initial batch of 9 servers ordered
  • 2004-02-12 Moved from San Diego to Tampa
  • 2007-03-18: larousse is still in the rack in Florida.
  • 2012-12-06: In response to a request from a museum, Christopher Johnson reports "Larousse is no longer onsite in Tampa. The server was donated last year along with most of the silicone mechanic servers Rob mentioned."
  • 2012-12-12: Tim Shell reports: "I don't know if I ever saw Pliny. Ross is around somewhere but I cannot say it is in a very good state."