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This is help for Wikimedia Labs. Documentation pages are listed below. If you want to improve any of the help pages, please do that.

The Basics


Requesting shell access

All new labs accounts automatically file a request for shell access. WMF staff periodically review and process these requests. Human approval is required in order to prevent the proliferation of sock puppets, spambots, etc.

For the current status of your request, consult these pages:

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  • {{#ask:|yes|?Shell Justification|?Modification date|format=broadtable|sort=Modification date|order=asc|headers=show|searchlabel=Completed Requests|limit=0|default=(No completed requests)}}

Requesting a new project

You can request a new project by creating a Phabricator task as a subtask under


  • Help:Access - contains information on how to access lab instances
  • Help:Addresses - contains information how to assign an ip addresses and a dns name to your instance
  • Help:Instances - contains information how to create, remove and modify instances on labs
  • Help:Proxy - contains information how to create web proxies for instances
  • Help:Security - contains information about security groups and firewall settings
  • Help:SSH - contains information about management of your public keys
  • Help:Sudo Policies - contains information about how to configure sudo policies on projects

Git and gerrit

Git is a guide for git repository of puppet.

Puppetization, packaging, and moving to production

Basic instance configurations

If you are baffled by the instance configuration page, here are instructions for setting up a few basic instance types.



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